RM 1.00 Auction

What is RM 1.00 Auction at PC EXPO?

There will be a few IT gadgets, mobile phones, GPS or some accessories which it will be held daily during the show days. At certain time mentioned on the schedule, the PC EXPO Master of Ceremony will be announcing the item on auction beginning from RM 1.00 onwards.

The visitors will start “bidding” for their preferred items at an ideal price, if there are no one to bid with a higher price, you win.

How do I pay?

Please proceed to the table/counter next to the stage and you can make payment by cash. (Credit Card is not accepted). Upon payment, you will receive the goods instantly.

RM 1.00 Auction will be held daily at : -
- 3.00pm
- 8.00pm

Ask us at agnes@eventmasters.com.my
* Only at selected venues only.
* Items on auction subject to availability